Swindon’s Small Business Hub.

Swindon has a lot of amazing small businesses run by and employing local people. We showcase some of the best, here in our Swindon’s small business hub. By hiring, buying or using a service from a business in our hub, you’re helping local people. In turn, you are supporting our local economy and our lifestyles.

Supporting our local economy.

Our campaign has been helping small businesses for over five years. The last year has been very hard for businesses of all sizes.  We have continued to help Swindon small business to reach more local people during this time.

The Swindon Small Business Hub promotes and supports the Swindon small business community. We help them to remain open, develop and continue to do great things for our town. Together, we promote a #PositiveSwindon.

We Are Swindon’s Featured Business

Fabulous Functions UK

Swindon We Are Swindon Fabulous Functions UK

Personal Trainer Ellen Horgan

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub - PT Ellen Horgan

We Are Swindon’s Products

3D Print Specialists

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub - SED Developments

Artisan Simon Webb

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub -Artisan Simon Webb

Pink and Green Skincare

Pink and Green Skincare Swindon

We Are Swindon’s Marketing Support

Digital Marketer
Michelle Jones

Swindon We Are Swindon Michelle Jones

Web Developers
Rubber Dragon

Swindon We Are Swindon Web Developers Rubber Dragon

Animation & 3D
Allsorts Creative

Allsorts Creative Swindon

Angela Atkinson

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub - Copywriter Angela Atkinson

Graphic Designer
Martin Bryan

We Are Swindon graphic designer - Martin Bryan

Video Editor
Helen Pain

We Are Swindon video editor - Helen Pain

We Are Swindon’s Photographers

Nick Smith

We Are Swindon Photographer Nick Smith

Akshay Dongre

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Matthew Perry

We Are Swindon Photographer MP Photography

Alex White

We Are Swindon photographer - Alex White

Join We Are Swindon’s Small Business Hub and reach thousands of local people as part of our #PositiveSwindon campaign.

Would you like your business to be in the Swindon’s Small Business Hub and part of our campaign? Would you like to reach thousands of more local people? It’s easy!

We do all the hard work in creating your Showcase page. All you need to do it tell us that you’d like to be part of the hub and the #We_Are_Swindon #PositiveSwindon campaign. We’ll do the rest!

See what some of our small business showcase owners have to say.

“When you’re a small business, it really pays to have a local profile as well as a national one. However, it can be difficult creating and growing that profile, when you have all the other jobs of a small business to do.

Our Showcase page on the ‘We Are Swindon’ website was so easy to create. Well, to be honest, we didn’t do anything! Except provide some photos, general information about ourselves and links to our products.

After that, they created our page and it’s stunning. It really captures us and who we are. They went out of their way to add bespoke wording and sections, to elevate the page.

The icing on the cake? It’s a natural way to have a presence in the local community, which we can use to grow from. We would highly recommend them. They are quick and easy to work with and a great way for a small business to grow by increasing their reach.”

Jo Rigden , SED Developments

“Working with We Are Swindon in getting a presence on their site, whether for a business or a charity, is simplicity itself.

I recently worked with Michelle on getting a showcase page on the wonderful We Are Swindon site to promote my Born Again Swindonian blog and brand. She is a delight to work with and makes the whole process as easy as possible.  With a minimum of input from you, she’ll whip up a page that will shine a beautiful, digital light on your organisation”.

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