Swindon’s Charity Hub.

Swindon's Charity Hub

In Swindon’s Charity Hub we have information on charities that give us much needed support. We all know that they need us now more than ever before.

Charities need to be able to reach as many people as possible. Yet recent changes have made it harder for them to do this. They can’t ask for support as they used to be able to.

To help support our charities we created this hub. You can read more about the great work that they do on each of their Showcase page.

If any of the charities here resonate with you, consider doing something good today and giving your support. Please offer any help that you can. Whether that’s skills, your time, goods or signing up to a fundraising activity.

We Are Swindon do not charge any charity that helps the people of Swindon to join the Swindon’s Charity hub. This cost is funded by We Are Swindon which is a small business.

The UK’s first computer museum is in Swindon!

Museum of computing Swindon

Empowering people facing mental health concerns.

Period Products for Women and Girls in need.

All Yours Swindon

Building a strong cohesive and sustainable community for all.

Swindon Hub

Helping the people of Swindon with furniture in emergency situations.

Gateway Furniture Swindon

A not-for-profit
job advertising service.

Helping needy dogs
find loving homes.

SNDogs Swindon

Supporting unpaid carers
in Swindon.

Swindon and Gloucestershire Mind

Supporting unpaid carers
in Swindon.

young lives.

Youth Adventure Trust

Supporting young people to be active & participate in sports.

Swindon Charities

Supporting the services at our
Great Western Hospital.

Swindon Charity Hub

Providing free, independent & confidential advocacy.

Restoring dignity & renewing hope to those in need.

Providing essential products free of charge to local families in need.

Growbaby Swindon

Creating opportunities for local people.

The Sandwich People Swindon

Empowering victims
and survivors.

SWA Swindon

 Supporting people with Down’s syndrome.

Swindon Downs Syndrome Group

In the heart of
your community.

Julia's House Hospice Swindon

Funded by you.
Flying for you.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Promoting equality and diversity for the people of our town.

Swindon and Wiltshire Pride

Providing back to work training and driving courses.

Helping local people recover from domestic abuse.

We Are Swindon's Charity Hub Swindon Sisters Alliance

Supporting local people affected by brain injury.

We Are Swindon's Charity Hub Headway

Mental Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Ipsum Swindon

Supporting our unique

We Are Swindon Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

Mental Health

Olive Tree Cafe

Would you like to join Swindon’s Charity Hub?

We do not charge any charities that help the people of Swindon.

Do you know or work for a local charity? Would you like to reach more local people? To join our Charity Hub please complete this form then send your charity logo to this email.

We are proud to support these charities, completely free of charge. By promoting them on this website and popular social media channels, we help them to reach and engage with more local people. As a result, they can promote their services to those that need them and gain new support.

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