Swindon photographer Matthew Perry

Swindon photographer Matthew Perry specialises in:

  • Lumix GX80

  • Street photography

  • Urban photography

  • Swindon Town Centre photography

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Some of Matthew’s brilliant work that has been featured on our #We_Are_Swindon campaign.

Swindon photographer Matthew got hist first mirrorless camera, a Lumix GX80 with kit lens, in March 2019 in time for a holiday he had booked. Unfortunately, shortly after that he had to take some time off work and to fill his time, he watched YouTube tutorials on how to get the most of his camera (we wonder if he saw any of fellow photographer Nick Smith’s YouTube photography tutorials)

When Matthew was well again, he took his camera out with him everywhere he went. He enjoyed photography so much and he wanted to show the world his work, so he created an Instagram page.

In November 2019, Matthew started a new job in Swindon town centre which lead him to focusing on street and urban photography. We often share photos of Matthew’s on the We Are Instagram campaign as we just love his photos capturing life of real Swindon people.

More of Matthew’s wonderful photography

Swindon photographer Matthew Perry
Swindon photographer Matthew Perry
Swindon photographer Matthew Perry
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