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We Are the people of Swindon – and proud of it!

The Swindon people have always helped us to promote or town positively. They tag us on their social media posts, allowing us to share their amazing photos of where they live. Now they are helping us to tell the world about their lifestyles and why they love living here.

We’re still grateful to our businesses and organisations that publish positive messages and images. Together we all have a stronger positive force.

Here you can see more about our residents and what their lives are like.

We want to help everyone to be proud of the town that they live in, work in, do business in and bring their children up in. We appreciate the help that we get from all our supporters and we’re happy to tell their stories.

Capture your family in amazing photos to cherish forever by local photographers
Precious Moments Photography.

Explore our town with us. 

Town Gardens We Are Swindon

Our Great Outdoors.

Keeping Positive & Motivated.

Swindon We have a heart for Swindon's Art

See our wonderful public art pieces. 

Our Lifestyle.
We’re proud of our lives here. This is why.

Our Charity Hub.
Choose a local good cause to support.

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