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SED Developments

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Swindon’s 3D Print Specialists

SED Developments are Jo and Richard.  They are the most passionate people in Swindon about 3D printing!

Now focusing on their successful 3D printing business, they started out selling camping, glamping and festival accessories. This gave them opportunities to explore and share their passion for innovation and tech. Something that Swindon is well known for!

They specialise in biscuit and cookie cutters – see how many different designs and options they have below.

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Patron Saint Days – celebrate your favourite Saint with our themed Cookie Cutters 

St David’s Day

St Patrick’s Day

St Andrew’s Day

Shop our other popular cookie cutters

Best Sellers

Cookie cutters make it easy to cut cookie dough into fun shapes that make the cookie even tastier!

It almost makes it a shame to eat them…but you will.

SED Developments Easter Embossing Swindon
SED Developments 3D printers swindon - Skeleton set
SED Developments Swindon Valentines day cutters
SED developments 3D printers Swindon - Scottish Collection Cutters

No one is more enthusiastic about the capabilities of 3D printing!

Innovational 3D printing

SED Developments Swindon are a three-dimensional duo are always on the look-out for new ways to change and develop what they do. Ideas are a big part of who they are. And four eyes are better than two in finding interesting new concepts that they can then apply to 3D printing.

You can order from their online shop for their off-the-shelf products.

Or contact them if you’d like something bespoke made or have any questions.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what their very happy customers have to say…

“You’re amazing! My very own cookie fairy Godmother x ”

Effies Pantry Cakes

“Fantastic, adaptable company. Always happy to help, and give advice to make the product you want. thank you”

Heidi Brogden

“I told myself I’d be coming to you for all my cutter needs moving forward, so thank you in advance! ”

“Lovely Bespoke Item, Very happy and very helpful”

Mick, for his bespoke fish cake mould

We put our love for what we do in our blog because we love to share the wonders of 3D printing and what it can do.

Read our blog
Read our blog

See our special Swindon cookie cutters!

Valentines Day – We go together like milk and cookies! 

Make the perfect Christmas goodies with help from SED Developments and their 3D printing

SED Developments Swindon
SED Developments Swindon
Christmas car cutter before SED Developments Swindon
SED Developments 3D Printers Swindon
Mini snowflake cutter before, SED Developments 3D printing Swindon
Mini snowflake cutter after, SED Developments 3D printing Swindon

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