Rimpy Sharma lives in Tadpole Garden Village with her husband and her two boys. They moved to Swindon in 2017 and they love living here. 

Do you like living in Swindon?

I love living in Swindon. It’s got so much to offer with regards to nature walks and great transport links. It is also a shopper’s paradise with the mix of boutique and name retailers and of course the charming Old Town. The beautiful nature, historic building lovely cottages, landscapes around inspires me to go out take pictures. I’m not a photographer but it is my hobby, which I really enjoy. 

Where do you work? 

I work for St Joseph’s Catholic College. It’s such happy place with a lovely team environment. 

Do you enjoy your job? 

 I really enjoy my job. I work part time and I always call my working days ‘my HAPPY days’. I’m am very fortunate to work with a lovely team. We enjoy the challenge of meeting deadlines and working as a team with positive and professional outlook. 

What’s your favourite past-time in Swindon?

I’m a nature lover. Whenever I get a chance, I look forward to doing photography and capturing the beautiful nature moments. This gives me immense happiness and positive vibes.

Why are you a supporter of the We Are Swindon campaign? 

I am a great admirer of the We Are Swindon campaign. It brings a smile to my face with its uplifting updates and pictures. I strongly believe this campaign has done a brilliant job of keeping myself and the local community happy with their inspiring updates in these daunting times.

I would like to congratulate Michelle and her team for all their time and effort involved in We Are Swindon campaign.

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Rimpy Sharma – My Swindon Life.

We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
We Are Swindon people Rimpy Sharma
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