Old Town, Swindon.

Old Town Swindon is a very popular part of Swindon. It is packed with restaurants, hairdressers, cafes, bars, pubs, shops, beauty salons and other fantastic small businesses that are run by local people. Because of recent lockdowns, Old Town hasn’t been able to function as well as usual. But everyone is now much happier that we’re coming out of the restrictions.

Businesses are slowly opening and welcoming back their clients and customers. For a little longer, pubs, bars and restaurants can only serve in beer gardens and other outside areas. We’ve set up this page to help all those small businesses get back on track by reaching more local people and letting them know that Old Town is back open for business.

Old Town Open For Business.

Old Town Swindon

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  • Opticians & Hearing Care.

  • 33 Wood Street.

  • 01793 522586

  • The Croft

  • 22 Devizes Road.

  • 01793 615821

  • Swindon Arts Centre.

  • Devizes Road.

  • 01793 524481

Mary Parsons Art.
A local artist putting colour in your world.

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Old Town Swindon Wood Street

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