Mary Parsons Art.

Putting colour in your world.

Mary Parsons Art

Specialises in:

  • Painting.

  • Sketching.

  • Art of local area.

  • Studio Art.

  • Experimenting with various media.

  • Urban Environment.


I create bright and colourful paintings based on the places I have visited in the UK and Europe.  Through my art I hope to give the ‘holiday feeling’, to remind people of their own travels and brighten up living spaces. 

It’s useful to have some kind of reminders of where we have been and the places that are important to us. It is a way to share our identity and trigger positive memories and thoughts.  This year, through the dark winter lockdown I have been sharing colourful art to break up the gloom.

My previous work – teaching people with visual impairments to find their way around a city – is a big influence on my work.  I am always looking out for interesting angles and unusual views with rooftops, chimneys and alleyways.

Though I am a painter, with a sculptural background I am very interested in what art can add to an interior space; how colour can create atmosphere and mood and give a window to another world.

In Swindon I have advertised in The Co-op, Old Town, and The Core.  I have also taken part in Open Studios. 

I have a range of prints available in my Etsy shop. 

Mary Parsons Art examples

Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Shop at Etsy.
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art
Mary Parsons Art

Visit Mary Parsons Art Website.

Mary Parsons Art

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