Swindon Town Centre.

Swindon Town Centre

We Are Swindon’s town centre and we value what is has to offer. Our campaign does this by taking and sharing positive photos. The most popular photos include the hanging baskets and bright flats on The Parade. The big screen and benches in Wharf Green are very welcoming in photos on a bright blue-sky day. People gathering to take a break from shopping or sit to have a bite to eat.

Our skyscraper type building is officially called the David Murray John tower. If you went to a Swindon school, your more likely to call it by its nickname, the DMJ. It holds offices on the bottom half and flats on the top. The views of the town from it are amazing. We Are Swindon is often tagged on these photos and we love to share them.

Other popular photos are of the crossroads of Regent Street, Canal Walk and The Parade. We often capture people shopping as they head up to Canal Walk. The DMJ standing proud, guiding them on their way, with the brightly lit shop front’s welcoming them.

Whether you’re visiting for a mooch, doing that Christmas shopping, school uniform shopping or for some food, we capture the positive activity and share it online.

If you have taken a positive photo of our town centre, please upload it to social media. Tag #We_Are_Swindon and we may share it. It will then also get featured on this web page.

The We Are Swindon photo album of our town centre.

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