Swindon in lockdown and giving thanks. 

Swindon felt a strong sense of community in the lockdown period of March to July 2020. As per government guidelines, we stayed in our homes. Following safety rules, we only went outside if we really needed to. This made our roads, communities and photos shared by We Are Swindon, unusually quiet.

Showing our support.

To show our support to those who had to leave home to work, our windows were decorated with colourful posters. They thanked our key workers and NHS staff for their continued efforts to care and protect us.

Taking place at the same time, was the VE day celebrations on 8th May 2020. From our homes, we celebrated Victory in Europe day, marking the end of World War Two. As a result, the town reunited once again, #RememberingSwindonsBrave of the present and past.

More Swindon in lockdown.

November 2020 saw us put in to lockdown 2.0 and January 2021 saw us in lockdown 3.0.  The We Are Swindon campaign continues throughout all lockdowns to lift people’s spirits promoting a #PositiveSwindon and #BringingTheOutSideIn. We have more recently continued to do this by sharing photos of Swindon glorious churches.

The churches Swindon is blessed with.

Thankful for these wonderful buildings in our town. 

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All year round, we remember the brave of Swindon.

The quiet streets of Swindon in Lockdown.

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