Have you seen Swindon from the sky?

We love sharing drone and aerial photos of Swindon. They’re always really popular with our followers and supporters. When we started campaigning for a more positive Swindon five years ago, we rarely got tagged on these types of photos. As drone photography became more available, we’ve been able to share more with you.

Seeing Swindon from our rooftops is a new way to view the town. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to see what the photo or video is of.

Can you make out our key landmarks in these photos?

Our rooftop views.

Swindon from the sky
Swindon from the sky We Are Swindon

With our feet firmly back on the ground. Do you want to see more of our town with us?

Lydiard Park.
A lovely place in West Swindon for some fresh air and amazing views. 

Lydiard House and Park Swindon We Are Swindon October 2020

Swindon’s Small Business Hub.
Shop local with some of the small businesses that Swindon has to offer.

We Are Swindon

Lawn Woods.
A personal favourite of dog walkers and runners.

Lawn Woods We Are Swindon

Town Gardens.
The spring blossom is amazing. Have you seen it yet?

Town Garden Swindon

Swindon People.
Do you know anyone?

We Are Swindon People

Coate Water.
The Country Park that everyone loves.

We Are Swindon Coate Water

We Are Swindon are proud to support our small businesses and charities the help the people of Swindon.

Swindon’s Small Business Hub.

We Are Swindon

Shop local with one of our small businesses or join our hub to reach more local people.

Showcase pages in our hub is currently £55 per year (not contract – cancel anytime).  This is a limited post lockdown price to help your business get back on track.
Contact us to join.

Swindon’s Charity Hub.

Swindon's Charity Hub

We promote local charities so that they can help the people of Swindon.

If you know a charity that would like a free Showcase page on this website email michelle@weareswindon.co.uk.

Would you like positive photos of Swindon for free?

If you run a business in Swindon or work for a local charity and you’re fed up of using the same photos, we can help you. As you can see from this website we’ve a large gallery of photos. All we ask is that you credit We Are Swindon where the photos is used to help us promote a #PositiveSwindon.

Tell us what photos you need and if we have them, you can use them for free! The more we promote our town positively, the better it is for all of us. Together, we can change the negative perception that we can suffer from.

We want to allow our children to be proud of where they live and our businesses to thrive! Do you? Contact Us