This is why we love growing up in Swindon. 

Many who’ve grown up in Swindon speak of fond memories of growing up here. By promoting a more #PositiveSwindon we can build that for the children of today. Our aim is to allow and encourage our younger generations to be proud of their hometown and where they grow up.

We get lovely messages on our social media posts from people commenting how they have wonderful memories of growing up in our town. These are sometimes shared after we’ve posted a photo that has reminded them of something from their past. Our Facebook posts are very good at this.

We have some great schools and lots of great outdoors places to enjoy.  The popular parks with Swindon children include Stanton Park, Lawn Woods, Coate Water and Lydiard House and Park. To name a few! These are wonderful outdoors spaces filled with things to do and explore.

Our town offers lots of things to see and do indoors too. We have soft play centres, fitness centres and many clubs and groups to join. Furthermore, it’s all within arm’s reach. Swindon, after all, is not a big city and we don’t pretend to be.

The people of Swindon are unique and not afraid to speak their minds. Together we can make the town a better and more positive place for our children. As a result, their minds are happy and say great things about the town in which they were formed.

Swindon things our children are proud of.

Lydiard House and Park Swindon We Are Swindon October 2020

Lydiard Park.
A great place to get an ice-cream and enjoy the view.

Lawn Woods.
A wonderful place to walk the dog.

We Are Swindon Coate Water

Coate Water.
Our amazing country park.

Swindon We have a heart for Swindon's Art

We have a heart for Swindon Art.
Swindon has more public art than you think!

Town Gardens We Are Swindon

Queen’s Park.
A gem of a park in central Swindon.

Swindon’s Charity Hub.
Helping charities reach more local people.

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