So what is We Are Swindon’s Lifestyle?

In a recent survey by One Family Swindon ranked 7th in a list of 35 best cities to live, work and raise a family in the UK. This is no surprise to us, we’re proud of our lifestyle. We love our stunning parks and glorious wide-open spaces. The wonderful Wiltshire, Cotswolds and Oxfordshire countryside wraps their arms around us. Our good schools, affordable homes and terrific transport links makes it a very happy place to live.

It’s a great place to raise a family. Our town has good leisure facilities, museums and the best collection of 20th century British art outside of London’s Tate Modern. We love being part of many community groups and visiting the great places in and around Swindon.

The town also boasts a brilliant business community with businesses of all sizes. They range from small, independent shops to major employers like the Research Councils and Nationwide. We have it all. From our many cafes and restaurants to IT agencies to beauty salons and builders. We’ve got the lot. Our great location serves us well in this regard.

For all this and more, we’re proud to call Swindon home.

On this web page you can choose what parts of We Are Swindon’s lifestyles you’d like to explore.  We share photographs of all aspects, across all our We Are Swindon social media channels.

Thank you to Born Again Swindonian for the editorial support. To read their blog about Swindon go to:

Think you know what it’s like to live in Swindon?
Think again. 

Growing up in Swindon.

Why do our children love to grow up here?

Keeping Swindon Positive and Motivated

Keeping positive and motivated.

With local mental health charity Ipsum.

We Are Swindon People

We Are Swindon People.

Is anyone you know in our new campaign giving a voice to the people who love living here?

Swindon from the sky

Swindon from the sky.

Have you seen any of the cool drone shots we’ve shared?

We have a heart for Swindon's Art

We have a heart for Swindon’s art.

Did you know Swindon is fill with brilliant public art?
From gorilla statues, war memorials to our train station clock.

Old Town Swindon Wood Street

Old Town, Swindon.

One of the most popular parts of Swindon is packed with family run businesses.

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Would you like positive photos of Swindon for free?

If you run a business in Swindon or work for a local charity and you’re fed up of using the same photos, we can help you. As you can see from this website we’ve a large gallery of photos. All we ask is that you credit We Are Swindon where the photos is used to help us promote a #PositiveSwindon. Tell us what photos you need and if we have them, you can use them for free! The more we promote our town positively, the better it is for all of us. Together, we can change the negative perception that we can suffer from. We want to allow our children to be proud of where they live and our businesses to thrive! Do you? Contact Us