Helping to keep Swindon Positive and Motivated.

Keeping Swindon positive and motivated is something we can help with. This is because of the large amount of positive content that we have shared over the last five years.

One of the ways we like to share our positivity is by publishing photos of Swindon that are lovely to look at and uplifting. Our supporters and followers enjoy our social media posts that include a great photo of Swindon.  With a motivational quote, they are really powerful.

Your Motivational Fix.

Here you can find them all in one place, for your one-stop motivation fix. Images speak a thousand words. Our campaign proves this. A positive image with a friendly and positive quote is sometimes all we need to get back on track and lift our spirits.

Happy #PositiveSwindon day – everyday!

Keeping Swindon Positive and Motivated. With Swindon Rainbows! 

We Are Swindon rainbow
Ipsum Care Swindon

The positive feedback about ‘We Are Swindon’ makes us feel good


“The website is amazing – it’s great to see so many lovely photo’s of Swindon all in one place!”.


“The website looks brilliant. Well done! I love the way you encourage people to see the beauty in Swindon. Life is always better when you focus on the positives”.

Lorraine Curtis

“I love seeing all the photos of places around Swindon I’ve never visited – they inspire me to get out walking and to enjoy all the beautiful sights Swindon has to offer”.

Pearl Lucia Barcoe

“Not being Swindon native I enjoy seeing the local sites. Sometimes it reminds me of somewhere I haven’t visited in a while and areas just outside of Swindon too as that’s one of the positives of this town, being so accessible to so many wonderful places. and I appreciate you sharing my images too “.

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Come and see more of Swindon with us.

Queens Park, Swindon. We Are Swindon

Queen’s Park Swindon.

Walking through on your way to town or visiting to feed the ducks on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a lovely place to be.

Ipsum Swindon

Mental Health & Wellbeing
for Swindon.

Offering mental health and wellbeing support in Swindon and its surrounding areas.

Town Gardens, Old Town Swindon. December 2020. We Are Swindon

Town Gardens

A favourite of the residents of Old Town, Swindon and out of towners.

This is Swindon

Growing up in Swindon.

Lydiard House and Park Swindon We Are Swindon October 2020

Lydiard Park.

Swindon We Are Swindon's lifestyle

We Are Swindon’s Lifestyle.

Lawn Woods.

We Are Swindon Coate Water

Coate Water.

We Are Swindon Stanton Park

Stanton Park.

We Are Swindon rainbow

Swindon’s Best photos 2020.

Swindon Business Hub

Swindon’s Small Business Hub.

Swindon from the sky

Swindon from the sky.

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