Town Gardens, Swindon

Town Gardens, Swindon is one of the most attractive parks in our town. It’s located in Old Town. This Victorian garden, set in an old quarry, used to produce Portland stone. It is known for its array of beautiful flower beds and gorgeous rose garden. It also has a historic links to the Great Western Railway. Locals often lovingly called it ‘Old Town Gardens’ due to its proximity and popularity with the residents of Old Town.

Your Town Gardens. Your Photos.

The most popular photos that we share of Town Gardens are of the water feature in the small pond, the bandstand and the flowers.  For the chance to have your photos featured on our social media and website, email them to us or tag #We_Are_Swindon.  Thank you to the below We Are Swindon supporters who did that.


Join us for a stroll in our Town Gardens.

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For music lovers, The Bowl hosts live events. The most recent being the ‘Swindon summer bowl’ in 2020. There is a bandstand where live music is played on warm weekend evenings. Locals enjoy this whilst lounging on deck chairs. Most events had to be postponed in 2020. We look forward to them hopefully returning in 2021.

For refreshments, there is a café that sells ice creams, milkshakes, tea, coffee, and bacon sandwiches.

Town Gardens We Are Swindon

Town Gardens, Swindon. Photo by We Are Swindon

Those cherry blossom trees

The park also features a walled garden, sunken garden, fish pond and aviary.
As well as that, it has as a variety of exotic flowers and trees.

The cherry blossom trees, very much like those found in Japan, are a sight to behold.
They are always among the most popular photos shared on theWe Are Swindon campaign.

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