Visit Stanton Country Park in Swindon.

Stanton Country Park can be found in the North East of Swindon. It is a beautiful open space. You will find a 36-hectre nature reserve of meadows, fish ponds, wetlands and woodland. Many visitors enjoy the stream and lake.

The woods are a great place for children to have fun, make use of the tree swings and the space to run around in. They love the park’s wood carvings that the park is well-known for.

For the adults, there is the park tea rooms and farmhouse kitchen garden.  Stanton House hotel is also close by for refreshment stops and it’s located near to the popular lake.

There’s also a chance to spot a range of wildlife including birds of prey, roe deer and wildfowl.

Out-of-town visitors and locals love to capture their time at Stanton Country Park, by taking photos. They are featured on the We Are Swindon campaign. The most popular are of the wood carvings and the lake. Many of which you can find on this page.

If you have some positive photos of our Stanton Country Park, Tag #We_Are_Swindon on social media for a chance to be featured on this page and our social media.

Some of the wonderful Stanton Country Park, Swindon
photography as featured on We Are Swindon.

Find Stanton Country Park in Swindon.

Here’s some wonderful photos of Stanton Park, Swindon taken by local photographer Nick Smith. You can see more of his amazing work here on his We Are Swindon Showcase page in our Swindon’s small business hub.

Stanton Park Nick Smith Photography - We Are Swindon 2020
Photo by Nick Smith - Stanton Park stream We Are Swindon
Photo Nick Smith - Stanton Park We Are Swindon

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