Shaftesbury Lake, Swindon.

Shaftesbury Lake, Swindon is situated in-between Park South, Park North and Eldene. It’s enjoyed by residents of those and nearby housing estates. Visitors love it because it’s a perfect place to feed the ducks. It’s looked after by the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake group. This a team of volunteers that care for it all year round.

The lake has it’s own lovely small waterfall and many benches to sit on and relax. The playground has play equipment for children of different ages and the small hill next to the park is well known by locals. At the top of it you can see the local area for all around the local area.

On this page we’ve got photos of the lake from the people of Swindon and more information about the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake group.


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Find out more about the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake and the founding members, Pam Jones and Gail Collins.

Pam and Gail met at a community litter picking event in 2018. Discovering that they had a shared love for the lake, they were both were saddened at how much the area had gone downhill. Wanting to improve the area, they decided to do it themselves.

In November 2018 the first flowerbed was dug. Formal flowerbeds were prepared by NEL (Nythe, Eldene and Liden) Parish Council in June 2020. A budget for plants was allocated and planted by some wonderful volunteers. A wildflower meadow was started at the south end of the lake. It’s now complemented with a wildflower corridor. New beds that are home to pollinator friendly shrubs, fruit bushes and wildflowers, have been dug and planted. The budget for plants was provided by NEL Parish Council and the planting carried out by volunteers.

Working with South Swindon Parish Council on the Shaftesbury Avenue side of the lake, the aim is to open it up in places and create a wildflower haven. A bed has been dug, wildflower seeds (provided by SSPC) have been sown all the way along the Park South side.

Future plans

Pam is working with a local school. She’s provided sunflower growing kits and wildlife feeding kits. A recent venture has been to provide fairy doors for the children to paint.  The fairy door tree, started by Gail, is proving to be a big hit with the children.

Further improvements planned are painting the bridge, creating a herb bed and creating a flowerbed for the local school children to plant.

The area goes from strength to strength.  Many people love the area and have donated seeds, money or time to help. This is a volunteer project for the community. Pam and Gail hope that more people can come and enjoy this Swindon hidden gem.

You can contact them on

The We Are Swindon photo album.

A glorious sunny Sunday in May 2021. The We Are Swindon team visited to help as volunteers for the morning.

April 2021.

Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Friends of Shaftesbury Lake

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