Shaftesbury Lake, Swindon.

Shaftesbury Lake, Swindon can be found in-between Park South, Park North and Eldene. It’s enjoyed by residents and other nearby housing estates. Visitors love it because it’s very pretty and you can feed the ducks or take a stroll.

It’s looked after by the volunteer group, the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake. They are lead by Pam and Gail who have a shared love for the lake. Together, they decided to do something to improve the area and they really have done an amazing job!

The lake has a small waterfall and many benches to sit on to relax. If you’re visiting with little ones, there’s a playground for children of different ages. The small hill next to the park is well known by locals. At the top of it, you can see for miles around the local area.

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Shaftesbury Lake Swindon

Where exactly is Shaftesbury Lake in Swindon?

Friends of Shaftesbury Lake

Join the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake public group on Facebook.

This group have over 530 members and is very active. News and information are shared in this group. It is also used for arranging volunteer times to go and help improve the area.

Or you can contact them on

The We Are Swindon photo album.

Our photos from April 2021.

Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon
Shaftesbury Lake Swindon

Animal Welfare at Shaftesbury Lake, Swindon. 

If you see an injured animal at the lake, please contact either Oak and Furrows on 01793 751412 or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

Canadian Geese Shaftesbury Lake Swindon

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