Lydiard House and Park in West Swindon is one of our most popular places enjoyed by residents and out of town visitors. It is a beautiful historic park with 260 acres. The historic Palladian house with its church, walled garden and lake are a sight to behold.

The park has playgrounds, a café and an ice cream parlour. For the business visitors there’s a conference centre. There’s even tree top fun to be had at the tree top Jungle Parc.

We have shared over 50 photos of it as part of our We Are Swindon campaign.

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Enjoy Lydiard House and Park in all its 2020 autumn glory. 

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Come for a stroll around our stunning Lydiard Park.

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Here you can see some wonderful Lydiard House and Park photography that’s been
featured on the We Are Swindon campaign.

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Find Lydiard Park and House in Swindon.

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