We Are Swindon’s Great Outdoors

We are a town that is surrounded by lots of stunning countryside. It also has many green parks and open spaces. Residents and visitors enjoy the space and love to explore it. The open spaces that we have include Lydiard House and Park, Lawn Woods, Queen’s Park, Coate Water, Stanton Park and Town Gardens.

Go to each page of our outdoor places as featured here. There you will find more information, a map and some reviews from visitors. We love to share photos from the We Are Swindon campaign and from Swindon people.

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Our town is filled with big lakes where lots of people enjoy fishing, sailing or feeding the ducks.

Many of the flower beds in our parks win competitions which we are very proud of. You can see photos of some of them in our Town Gardens and Queen’s Park galleries.

All year round the people of Swindon enjoy these spaces for their fresh air fun. So whether you like to run, walk or play. We have a lot of beautiful outdoor spaces for you to enjoy.

Would you like to see Swindon’s great outdoors with us?

We Are Swindon Autumn in Swindon

Autumn in Swindon.
Have you got your cameras ready?

Town Gardens We Are Swindon

Town Gardens.
Loved by locals and visitors.

Shaftesbury Lake Swindon

Shaftesbury Lake.
Peaceful and beautiful.

We Are Swindon Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park.
Let’s go for a walk around the lake.

Lawn Woods.
Walk the dog and feed the ducks.

Swindon Queen's Park

Queen’s Park.
A gem of a park.

Stanton Country Park.
Perfect for kids.

Coate Water Swindon

Coate Water Country Park.
An amazing place.

We Are Swindon’s Charity hub.
Supporting charities that help us.

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Some of the members in our
We Are Swindon Charity Hub.