Daniel Thuysbaert We Are Swindon people (1)

Dan Thuysbaert lives in Old Town with his partner their cats Cleo and Brendon. He’s had an allotment for nearly nine years and he loves where he lives.

Loving life in Old Town. 

I live in Old Town with my partner of 16 years. I’ve lived here since 2011. Before that, I lived in London for 13 years and before that in Broad Hinton where I grew up. I was born in Swindon at the Princess Margaret’s Hospital. We have two rescue cats that we call “our fur babies”. 

Old Town has a real community feel that I really enjoy. Through my work and going to cultural events, I know a lot of people. I currently work for Thames Water in Kembrey Park. They’re a brilliant employer and their company ethic very much aligns with what I believe in. They care about their customers, employees, mental health and wellbeing, ecological issues and the communities they work with and in.

Growing organically. 

My partner and I have our own allotment. We’ve been growing our own fruit and vegetables for over 9 years now. My other favourite past time is collecting art, visiting exhibitions and making my own art pieces.

Supporting the We Are Swindon campaign. 

I love that We Are Swindon helps to show people what the town has to offer and that we’re all able to celebrate this. We’ve got a great diversity of people in our community, which is great.

Thinking of moving to Swindon?

Do it! It has so much to offer. It’s so much more than a magic roundabout and is a town full of history and opportunities. It is one of the most affordable places to live in the South West.

There are great employers and new businesses popping up all the time. We also have fantastic open spaces, such as Lydiard Park.

We’re well situated for access to the surrounding countryside and the Cotswolds.  It has some the highest electric car ownership rates in the UK and was voted one of the most thoughtful communities in 2020 Swindon named most thoughtful community in UK

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Dan Thuysbaert- My Swindon life.

Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People
Dan Thuysbaert We Are Swindon People

The Bottle Factory that got a new lease of life thanks to Dan!

Follow Dan @thebottlefactory_swindon to see the amazing work that he did renovating a Swindon bottle factory into apartments whilst keeping it’s Victorian heritage. 

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