We Are Swindon town and we’re pushing back on the negativity.

We Are Swindon is for the people of Swindon, Wiltshire. It’s for our residents, our small businesses that we run and the charities that help us. For six years we’ve been promoting our town. It’s going from strength to strength. This has all been done with your support. There is a lot of hunger in our town for a more #PositiveSwindon.

Our Aim.

As a result of us promoting Swindon, our businesses and charities, the town will develop. Then, our livelihoods will improve and our children can be proud of where they live.

We want this because we’re tired of being the brunt of jokes. It doesn’t make us feel good or happy about living here.
Besides, if we don’t support our town, who will? We will!

An image speaks a thousand words. So, our aim is to flood the internet with as many uplifting photos that we can. With positive messages and help from the people who want to support the town we have a strong and loud voice.

Are you with us?

Thank you to Swindon Marquees for joining our Swindon Business Hub and helping us to promote a positive Swindon. 

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Trending in our Swindon town.

Town Gardens
Christmas Lights.

Town Gardens Christmas Lights 2021.

Keeping Swindon
Positive & Motivated. 


Stanton Country

Who lives here?
The People Blog. 

We’re going to change what people think about our town.
Starting with what we say about it. Who’s with us?

We give residents the tools and a louder voice to stand up for their town. We share the positive messages from our businesses and our charities. This improves how our town is seen by locals and visitors.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas.

We Are Swindon’s Lifestyle.
Want to know why we love our town?

This is Swindon

Swindon’s Charity Hub.
Support a local charity.

Our Great Outdoors.
Want to come out for some fresh air?

Coate Water Swindon

We Are Swindon’s
Small business hub.

Swindon Business Hub

Would you like to join our our Charity Hub? For free?

We do not charge any charity that help the people of Swindon.

Do you know or work for a charity that helps Swindon people? Would you like to reach more? It’s very easy to join our charity hub. Simply complete this form.

We Are Swindon is a small business ran by Digital Marketer Michelle Jones who’s proud to support these charities. By promoting them, we’re helping them to reach and engage with more people. As a result, they can promote their services to those that need them and gain much-needed new support.

Once we’ve created your charity showcase page, we promote it on our far-reaching social media channels. What could be easier?

Join our Swindon business hub.

Would you like to reach thousands of local people for only £100?
Do you want your business to be part of a popular, respected and far-reaching campaign? 

The showcase pages in our Swindon’s Small Business Hub are interactive, engaging and fully optimised for search engines and all devices.  It’s the perfect one-stop shop to highlight your work, products or services.

You will help the SEO of your website by having a backlink from ours and we will share your new business Showcase page to our thousands of social media followers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter).

To sign up visit Advertise your business. Here you will also see the benefits of joining us. Or you can email michelle@weareswindon.co.uk.

Swindon Business Hub

Would you like positive photos of Swindon for free?

Do you run a business in Swindon? Or work for a local charity and you’re fed up with using the same photos? We can help you. As you can see from this website we have a large gallery of photos. All we ask is that you credit We Are Swindon where the photos are used to help us promote a #PositiveSwindon. Tell us what photos you need and if we have them, you can use them for free! The more we promote our town positively, the better it is for all of us. Together, we can change the negative perception that we can suffer from. We want to allow our children to be proud of where they live and our businesses to thrive! Do you? Contact Us