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The We Are Swindon campaign is for local people and our small businesses. We have been positively promoting our town for five years using positive imagery. This has been achieved with the support and encouragement of residents, businesses and organisations.

Understandably, we’re tired of being the brunt of jokes. It doesn’t make us feel good or happy about living here.
Besides, if we don’t support our town, who will?

As a result of us promoting our town and small businesses, the town will develop, our livelihoods with improve and our children can be proud of where they live.

Keeping Swindon Positive and Motivated

Keeping Swindon Positive & Motivated

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Swindon’s Small Business Hub

Improving the perception of our town.

Together, we give everyone a chance to stand up for our town. We communicate the positive things about it. Along with the positive messages that we hear from our local businesses, equally important is that we too should also be positive. As a result, this will improve the perception of our town to locals and visitors alike.

How can you help?

An image speaks a thousand words. So, our aim is to flood the internet with as many positive photos that we can. Combined with positive messages and feedback from people who want to support the town, these are impactful and help us all.

Use this website. It is filled with positive imagery of Swindon and positive messages about Swindon.

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Coate Water Swindon

Swindon’s Great Outdoors

We Are Swindon's lifestyle

We Are Swindon’s Lifestyle

Support small businesses.

In addition to that, our Swindon’s Small Business Hub is where you can find small businesses to support. We feel very strongly about encouraging people to shop local and asking them to support small businesses.  This is something that is very topical at the moment and we want to make sure it continues.

BMD Insulation We Are Swindon
Growing up in Swindon. We Are Swindon

Growing up here

We Are Swindon rainbow

Swindon’s Best Photos. 2020 Wall-of-Frame

Please follow our social media to keep up-to-date with a #PositiveSwindon.  Local businesses are added to Swindon’s Small Business Hub all the time.
Please share our website, tell your friends and family.
Also, if you have a small business that would like some affordable support in reaching more people, email michelle@weareswindon.co.uk
Or visit ‘Advertise your business’

We Are Swindon Town Gardens

Town Gardens

We Are Swindon's Small Business Hub

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