Swindon’s Small Business Hub.

We’ve got a lot of great small businesses that are run by and are employing local people. In Swindon’s Small Business Hub we showcase some of the best. By hiring, buying, or using a service from one of these businesses, you’re helping local people. In turn, you are supporting our local economy and our lifestyles.

All of the businesses in our hub are committed to helping to promote a positive Swindon. They understand the need for us to join forces and battle against the negativity that we can suffer from. Together we are a united team promoting everything good about our town and our businesses in it.

We only feature the best!

We have graphic designers, mortgage brokers, marketers, artisans, event planners, personal trainers, and much more. They’re small businesses which means you get an amazing service without the big prices. We highly recommend them all and have used many of them ourselves.

Click through to their showcase pages to see what they have on offer and more details about how to contact them and follow them on social media.


Professional Services.

Farsight Wills.
Wills, LPA’s & Trusts.

Farsight Wills Swindon

Miles Byron.
Real Estate.

Miles Byron Real Estate Swindon

Swindon Property Group
Individual solutions.

Pet Boutique and Spa.

Products & Event Organisers. 

Swindon Marquees.
For the perfect outdoor event.

Swindon Marquees

SED Developments.
3D Printers.

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub - SED Developments

Simon Webb.

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub -Artisan Simon Webb

Pink and Green.
Organic and vegan skincare.

Pink and Green Skincare Swindon

Fabulous Functions.
Event Planners.

Swindon We Are Swindon Fabulous Functions UK

Mary Parsons Art.
Putting colour your world.

Marketing Support & Photographers.

Precious Moments.

Michelle Jones.
Digital Marketing.

Martin Bryan.
Graphic Designer.

Swindon's Small Business HubMartin Bryan

Angela Atkinson.

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Allsorts Creative.
Animators and 3D designers.

Allsorts Creative Swindon

Rubber Dragon.
Website Developers.

Swindon We Are Swindon Web Developers Rubber Dragon

Helen Pain.
Video Editor.

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Ellen Horgan.
Personal trainer.

Swindon’s Creative, Marketing & Wellness Hub - PT Ellen Horgan


Nick Smith.
Amazing photos of Stanton Park.

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Akshay Dongre.
Drone photos need to be seen!

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Matthew Perry.
Town living captured in photography.

Swindon's Small Business Hub

Alex White.
Wonderful wildlife shots!

We Are Swindon photographer - Alex White

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Rich Whatton. Google Review, May 2021.

Michelle from: We Are Swindon has been AMAZING! She has been extremely friendly as well as very professional and efficient. She is experienced and passionate in everything she does for you, which you can see clearly in the work and the final result she produces for you. Personally, I have had a wonderful experience dealing with Michelle at We Are Swindon and will continue to use her services in the future. Thank you Michelle

Helen Pain. Google Review, June 2021.

This is such a wonderful company: We Are Swindon promotes the positive things about our town and champions small businesses and locally made products. Also, it’s very handy for tourists who don’t know a great deal about the things Swindon has to offer. Like scenic beauty spots and the town’s rich history.

I am proud to have my business listed on the site. The showcase page was really easy to build and add images to. Michelle was very helpful when it came to promoting it further. If anyone wants to promote theirs, I thoroughly recommend contacting Michelle.

Angela Ashdown. Google Review, March 2021.

Working with Michelle in getting a presence on her site, whether for a business or a charity, is simplicity itself.

I recently worked with Michelle on getting a showcase page on her wonderful We Are Swindon site to promote my Born Again Swindonian blog and brand. She is a delight to work with and makes the whole process as easy as possible.  With a minimum of input from you, she’ll whip up a page that will shine a beautiful, digital light on your organisation.

Jo Rigden, Business Owner, SED Developments.

When you’re a small business, it really pays to have a local profile as well as a national one. However, it can be difficult creating and growing that profile, when you have all the other jobs of a small business to do.

Our small business Showcase page on the ‘We Are Swindon’ website. It was so easy to create – well, to be honest, we didn’t do anything!!, except provide some photos, general information about ourselves and links to our products.

We would highly recommend Michelle, quick and easy to work with, and a great way for a small business to grow/increase their reach.

Lucy Griffiths, Operations Director, Swindon Property Group.

Personally – I enjoy everything about We Are Swindon and its positive promotion of our town! It makes me smile and is the perfect counterbalance to negativity seen too often elsewhere. No town or city is perfect but let’s shout about the good stuff – we’ve all chosen to live here after all! As a Swindon small business owner – I’m really proud we decided to be a part of the We Are Swindon Small Business hub. I’m a non-creative person generally exhausted just thinking about marketing, but it really was the easiest, non-painful process and I’m thrilled with our showcase page! Highly recommend!

Holly Purchase, Marketing Consultant.

Michelle has been a great help over the last few months for one of my B2B clients. Her understanding of digital marketing strategy, specifically around Google Analytics, has given us great insight into our online presence. Michelle’s experience with digital tools and her drive and personality will make her successful wherever she works and will certainly bring significant organizational success to those she supports.

Would you like to see more about Swindon?

Swindon lifestyle

We Are Swindon’s Lifestyle.
Do you really know what it’s like to live here?


Swindon People.
Who are the people who are proud to live here?

Old Town, Swindon.
A popular part of town.

News and Events Hub.
Would you like to read more about a positive Swindon?

We Are Swindon Coate Water Swindon

Swindon’s Great Outdoors.
Where shall we visit first?

Swindon from the sky We Are Swindon

Swindon from the sky.
See our town from a above.

Would you like positive photos of Swindon for free?

Do you run a business in Swindon? Or work for a local charity and you’re fed up with using the same photos? We can help you. As you can see from this website we have a large gallery of photos. All we ask is that you credit We Are Swindon where the photos are used to help us promote a #PositiveSwindon. Tell us what photos you need and if we have them, you can use them for free! The more we promote our town positively, the better it is for all of us. Together, we can change the negative perception that we can suffer from. We want to allow our children to be proud of where they live and our businesses to thrive! Do you? Contact Us

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We Are Swindon’s Charity Hub.

We do not charge any charities that help the people of Swindon.

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We are proud to support these charities, completely free of charge. By promoting them on this website and popular social media channels, we help them to reach and engage with more local people. As a result, they can promote their services to those that need them and gain new support.

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