Swindon Sisters Alliance.

Helping people recover from domestic abuse.

Swindon Sisters AllianceSwindon Sisters Alliance was created after domestic violence caused heartache in a local family. After her sister died, Emma took action to help people recover from this crime.

She has set up a new donation shop in Swindon town centre to help raise money. This helps to pay for holiday retreats for people who have suffered from domestic violence or are recovering from it.

Lovingly named after Emma’s sister, their first project is called ‘Julie’s Haven’. It’s a new mobile home in Somerset. By offering it to domestic abuse survivors, they hope to bring happiness and a break for people away from their challenges back home.

Their goal is to prevent people from the long-term effects of domestic violence. They have a passion to help people by giving them confidence, empowerment and reduce the effects of domestic abuse.

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Our Donation Shop in Swindon Town centre.

Swindon Sister Alliance We Are Swindon's Charity Hub
Swindon Sister Alliance We Are Swindon's Charity Hub
Swindon Sister Alliance We Are Swindon's Charity Hub

Thank you for all your kindness and words. We can’t wait to start helping our families. If it wasn’t for all your support, we wouldn’t be at the stage of helping our Swindon community. We thank you all. Including our board members.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all the donations from our community. In gifting us your beloved goods, we’re able to work on delivering our vision.

Sharing my experiences and our personal family journey, was difficult but it lead us to create this charity. We are proud to offer therapeutic days out and mini-breaks.

We haven’t got a magic wand to take families pain away. But we promise when we can, we’ll offer days out to our families in our community.

When you are in Swindon Sisters Alliance hands, we will help you to create new happy memories to cherish forever.

Emma King, Swindon Sisters Alliance, CEO

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There’s many ways that you can support Swindon Sisters Alliance.

Our eBay page is packed with pre-loved goods that will help us raise money to support our local community.

We are very grateful for any donation that you kindly give us to support us.

Please visit to see the lovely goods we have on sale. We look forward to seeing you all.

Helping families recover from domestic abuse and rebuild their lives through holidays and days out.

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