Mental Health Charity in Swindon.

Ipsum Swindon

Ipsum is a charity that offers mental health and wellbeing support in Swindon and its surrounding areas.

Their counselling, arts and crafts, music, mindfulness and mediation services, help people who are suffering from isolation, psychological challenges and poor mental health.


Their services.

  • Mental health awareness.

  • Mediation & mindfulness.

  • Talking therapies.

  • Interactive zoom sessions.

  • Arts and craft for therapy.

  • Creative writing for therapy.

Some art pieces created by Ipsum service users.

Ipsum Swindon
Ipsum Swindon
Swindon Charity Headway
Ipsum Swindon
Ipsum Care Swindon
Ipsum Care Swindon

See what their service users have to say.

Ipsum have amazing reviews from their service users. You can find Ipsum on social media and Zoom. They can be contacted  by anyone who needs it, using the various ways listed on this web page.

An amazing charity that offers art, crafts, music and creative writing therapies with counselling. Ipsum has been an opportunity to turn my life around. They’re caring and supportive. They also work with other mental health groups like Twigs Community Garden, Wiltshire Wildlife Wellbeing and Swindon Mind to pull people together and improve lives.

Maggie Hathaway-Mills

Very lovely people work here. I and can see that the creative therapy outlets are making a huge difference for service users’ confidence and self worth.

Andy Stow

Can I place on record my appreciation for the outstanding service you provide?

Your music group with our service users, especially the younger ones has proved to be very popular. They enjoy it hugely, it improves their confidence and self-esteem. For some, it is the highlight of their week. It helps in keeping their mood up and it seems to have an excellent antidepressant effect.

Consultant psychiatrist, Swindon

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