Brain Injury Charity.

Swindon charity Headway

Swindon charity Headway supports adults in Swindon who have traumatic and acquired brain injuries. They also offer support to their families and carers. Their service has various techniques and tools to help brain injury survivors regain and relearn skills that have been impaired because of a brain injury.


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Swindon Charity Headway - Marco


Swindon Charity Headway - Sam


Swindon Charity Headway - Pat


Swindon Charity Headway - Zoe

Don’t just take our word for it. See what their clients have to say.

A fantastic facility set within Dorcan Industrial Estate. Easily accessible to Swindon and surrounding areas along both A419 and M4 corridors. Bus links aren’t to far away. On my initial appointment, a very high level of guidance and support was provided. Local care services for PTSD sufferers, post TBI inclusive of both military service and other circumstances. Wheelchair, Motorbility scooters access points, commendable team of staff and facilities aligned.

Mark Bayliss

Brilliant place for recovery, after a Brain Injury. With excellent caring staff, with a real understanding of where you’re at. A very safe feeling when your there. A great place to recuperate & find yourself again.

David Hicks

A wonderful place. Parking can be a little tricky around 3pm. Staff all very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Brilliant social group, activities and mental rehabilitation exercises for brain injury survivors. Great support and advice for carers of BI survivors. Highly recommend.

Heather Williams

Brilliant at helping those who have been affected by head injury through accident, ill health or other circumstances. Great support, brain training and social encouragement!

Carl G

Some of their clients enjoying therapy services.

Swindon Charity Headway
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Swindon Charity Headway
Swindon Charity Headway
Swindon Charity Headway
Swindon Charity Headway

How you can support them.

Volunteer for a few hours a week, doing a role that suits you.

Any donation helps them to operate and provide essential support to brain injury
survivors in Swindon.

Organise your own fundraising events with family to help raise vital funds and raise awareness for Headway Swindon.

Easy Fundraising Headway Swindon

Help Headway raise funds simply by doing your everyday
online shopping!

Swindon charity Headway
Swindon Charity Headway

Meet their brainy dog Chase.

Swindon Charity Headway brainy dog Chase

I joined the Headway Swindon team in October 2016 as a therapy dog to help the clients. After a brain injury people can lose their friends and become very lonely and isolated, so my job is to be a friend to everyone and to give lots of love and cuddles.

Swindon Charity Headway Swindon brainy dog chase

You can find us in Dorcan Swindon.

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