Swindon Photographer Nick Smith.

Swindon photographer Nick Smith is often featured on the We Are Swindon campaign social media channels where they’re very popular. Nick has always been interested in photography but knowing it to be an expensive hobby he knew a professional camera would be beyond his budget. Seven years ago, and with his family now adults, he was able to buy his own DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera and a fortnight later he upgraded to a semi professional camera.
We’re so happy that he did!
Nick Smith Photography - Profile pic We Are Swindon

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Nick specialises in:

  • Macro photography

  • Long Exposure Seascapes

  • Canvases, prints & calendars

  • YouTube photography tutorials

  • Canon 5Dsr

  • Canon 7Dmk2

Some of Nick’s wonderful photography

Nick Smith photography - Badbury Hill We Are Swindon
Nick Smith photography - Coate Water We Are Swindon
Photo Nick Smith - Stanton Park We Are Swindon

Nick has a large collection of photos on display in a hotel by the coast in Boscombe. He also sells canvases, calendars and prints including one that was shipped to Canada. You can see why.

With his wife Kath, Nick often heads to the coast and hopes to move down to Cornwall in the next few years.

We both love the sea. Just something about the sound of the waves and the fresh air when you’re there”.

You can also find Nick on YouTube giving tutorials on photography for beginners and how he takes photography that people want to purchase.

The channel is really popular with over 600 subscribers.

I’d like to teach and help others learn how to use their cameras. I head out most weekends to take photos and try to improve my techniques. I hope one day to be able to help others along the way”.

We think you already do Nick!

Wactch some of Nick’s photography vlogs and follow his YouTube channel

One of the most popular photos we’ve published on @We_Are_Swindon Instagram page
is Nicks’ Stanton Park streamon 28th October 2020.
It reached 4,150 people and liked by 118 people.

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