We Are Swindon People Paul LawrenceI grew up in Ford Street near Park Lane in Swindon. I attended Birch Street school. Then Jennings Street school before I rode my ten tonne Raleigh Chopper every day up Kings Hill to Commonweal School.

Then I was lucky enough to be offered a trainee Letterpress job at Fishpool Printers in Westcott Street. It was a bit of a shock to the system being in the real world because the printer was essentially a shed with a linking garage and an outdoor toilet with half a roof. I’ve now been a production leader in Swindon for the last 12 years.

I got married to Maria and have a lovely family with three children. We live in Elden, Swindon.

Having my family in Swindon near me.

Jodie has just bought a house in Stratton and after graduating from university she works screening for diabetes. My son Dan is a keen footballer representing England at schoolboy level and Swindon Town under 18. He now coaches football and sports in Swindon schools.

Our youngest daughter Chloe has played football for Swindon Town Ladies. She currently works for a company giving advice and booking appointments for Covid-19 vacations.

Mountain biking in and around Swindon.

I’m a keen mountain biker, as you can tell from my photos. My days off are spent on my bike riding around the local area. My favourite place to mountain bike is along the Ridgeway.

Since discovering my love of photography, my bike rides are often extended due to continuously stopping to snap what I see on my phone and maybe the odd cider or two!

Swindon and proud of it!

In a nutshell, this is my hometown and I’m proud to have grown up and lived here all my life. I hear criticism of Swindon a lot. I just smile back asking them “Why did you move here then?” They then list all the good things about my town!

I’m a big fan of the We Are Swindon campaign because it gives Swindon people like me, the chance to stick up for our town. I often send Michelle messages of support and telling her to continue with the campaign and that I think she’s doing an excellent job.

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Paul Lawrence Swindon photos

We Are Swindon people Paul Lawrence
We Are Swindon people Paul Lawrence
We Are Swindon people Paul Lawrence
We Are Swindon People Paul Lawrence
We Are Swindon People Paul Lawrence
We Are Swindon People Paul Lawrence