Enjoy Autumn in Swindon.

Autumn in Swindon is a wonderful time. We have so many big open places and parks to go outside and see the colour of the leaves changing from green to bright reds and burnt oranges.

The We Are Swindon campaign has lots of supports who love to capturing it on camera. They tag #We_Are_Swindon so we can share the photos on social media to thousands of local people and promote a #PositiveSwindon.

Lawn Woods, in particular, is beautiful when the seasons change from summer to autumn. As you can see from some of the photos on this page. The children of our town love to explore and hear the leaves crunch under their feet.

Autumn is the time to go outside and enjoy the fresh, cool air before winter arrives. It’s the season of long walks and our Coate Water Country Park, seeing the bright colourful leaves in our Lawn Woods, before enjoying some hot chocolate at home or in one of our many wonderful cafes.

Would you like to see more of Swindon’s outdoor beauty?

We Are Swindon Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park.
A lovely place for an ice cream whilst enjoying the view.

Lawn Woods.
Lets take the dog for a walk and feed the ducks.

Swindon Queen's Park

Queen’s Park.
A gem of a park in central Swindon.

We Are Swindon Stanton Park

Stanton Park.
A lovely place to explore and see the wood carvings.

We Are Swindon Coate Water

Coate Water Swindon.
Feed the ducks and go on the mini railway.

Old Town Swindon Wood Street

Old Town Swindon
Full of businesses run by local people.

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