Swindon PeopleWhere in Swindon do you live?

Toothill.  We moved here when I was pregnant with my eldest, almost 14 years ago.

Have you always lived in this part of Swindon?

I grew up in Park North and bought my first home in Covingham. So I was much more familiar with the other side of town.

Who do you live with?

I live with my husband and two sons aged 12 and 13.

Do you have a family in Swindon?

Yes, my sisters live in Swindon too, with their families.

Do you like living there? If so why?

At first, I really missed living in Covingham but West Swindon has so many positive points.  My children have pretty much grown up in Lydiard Park!  There are loads of great cycle routes and walks on this side of town.

Where do you work?

For 22 years I have worked at the Aldi Distribution Centre.  I love working there and plan to stay until I retire.

Have you worked in other places in the town?

My first job was in Woolworths in the town centre, on the record counter.

What’s your favourite past-time in Swindon?

Photography!  I love taking photos and Swindon has loads of brilliant places.  Hagbourne Copse is just a few minutes from me and is an amazing hidden gem when the bluebells are out.  Lydiard Park, Jubilee Lake and Coate Water are also favourites along with Town Gardens, which is probably my favourite. When the trees are in blossom it’s absolutely beautiful.

Do you like the We Are Swindon campaign? Why? What do you get from it?

I think the campaign is brilliant.  Sometimes people need reminding how much great stuff Swindon has to offer. We have great parks, activities, restaurants and shops.

I love having photos featured on the We Are Swindon because I want to help them to promote Swindon as a great place to live!

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Kate Parmaku – My Swindon life.

Kate Parmaku We Are Swindon
Kate Parmaku We Are Swindon
Kate Parmaku We Are Swindon
Kate Parmaku We Are Swindon
Kate Parmaku We Are Swindon
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