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James Phipps is a Swindon success story. He grew up here on a council estate, before working really hard to own and be CEO of Excalibur Communications. Now semi-retired he helps local charities. He also enjoys mentoring and investing in businesses. James and his wife have two daughters and dog called Rosie.

A local boy. 

I was born in Pinehurst and lived in Rodbourne. Moving out when I was sixteen led me to living in the town centre, Abbey Meads, Oakhurst and Purton. We’ve recently moved away from the Swindon area for the first time in our lives for schooling purposes. When I’m back in Swindon, which is often, it still feels like ‘home’.

Keeping busy by giving back to my community.

Well-known as the owner and CEO of Excalibur in Swindon and owner of Swindon Link magazine, I’m now semi-retired. Selling those businesses to the teams that ran them is something I am very proud of.  

Not only has the town got great transport links, it’s good value for money and has a fantastic talent pool. Which is why I relocated Excalibur head office here from Essex. We grew massively in all regards. So to me, it was vindication of my own view of this being a great place to base your business.

My ‘work’ time is now spent volunteering for various charities, investing in businesses and mentoring.

I co-founded a charitable foundation for young people in Wiltshire and Kenya, I’m a board member for Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Chairman for Platform Project in Swindon, Patron for Swindon 105.5. The list goes on.

As I enjoy seeing teams and businesses flourish, I invest in many. Including Smarter Media in Swindon. Rather than for any financial gain, I do this because I like to be busy. 😊

Helping people.

My wife, who I’ve been with since college, will tell you that I’ve always had a burning desire to help people. Whether it’s helping a charity, community group, investing or mentoring, it’s about fulfilling my passion. Because of this, it’s never felt like working (my roles are unpaid). 

My proudest moment was when Excalibur became a Times Top 100 Employer. Helping others that aspire to that, gives me huge satisfaction. An organisation is about its team. Or at least it should be in my opinion. Happy team will always lead to happy customers.

Favourite place in Swindon.

My favourite places in Swindon are  Lydiard Park or Coate Water. I don’t think everyone appreciates how good those parks are. Hours can be spent there enjoying them. My wife would say that her favourite is the Swindon Designer Outlet.

The We Are Swindon campaign.

I have watched as the campaign has grown and my admiration for the campaign has grown with it. The photos are incredible. It’s such a great way to remind everyone of what a good place it is, in so many regards.

What Swindon means to me and being positive. 

Swindon gave me my education, my wife, my children, my business career and the ability to retire by the age of 40. What more could I have possibly asked for?

We can improve Swindon more by it’s residents stop putting it down. There is a Nando’s, Waitrose, you name it.  Everyone moaned when we didn’t have them. We are our own worst enemy. Positivity attracts employers and economic growth which benefits everyone in the end.

I’d like the We Are Swindon campaign to keep going. More of the same for me please!

Find out more about charities that James helps.

Swindon Community Radio.

Daring to be different. 

Swindon 105.5

Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Funded by you, flying for you. 

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

The Platform Project. 

Developing talents and creating options. 

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