Swindon Artisan Simon Webb.

Artisan Simon Webb

Maker of hand crafted, fine writing instruments and jewellery.

Swindon artisan, Simon Webb, makes beautiful hand-turned fine writing instruments and jewellery.

He specialises in high quality, affordable gift products, where each one is bespoke for the customer. He is highly skilled in his craft, making pens and cufflinks from wood that has meaning to the customer. Examples have included an old tree from a family garden, Grandad’s old hammer from his shed, a wooden beam from a 300-year-old barn or piece of furniture and even from a Pink Floyd drum stick!

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Gifts with meaning

Artisan Simon Webb
Artisan Simon Webb

It’s not just any pen . . .
. . .  it’s a Simon Webb beautifully crafted, hand-turned pen from timbers with historical or personal resonances.

Simon has made pens from wood sourced from local parks and even from a 160-year-old pew from Christ Church. He’s made bespoken gifts from a 300-year-old walnut tree in Lydiard Park that fell in the 2013 gales, a mulberry tree from the garden of the Richard Jefferies Museum and from a beautiful beech tree that had to be felled in our Town Gardens.

Artisan Simon Webb We Are Swindon
Artisan Simon Webb Gift Box

Of course, you don’t have to provide your own wood. Simon sources suitable pieces of wood from all over the world to make these bespoke, hand-crafted in Swindon products. They make the perfectly thoughtful gift for that someone special or as a keepsake for you to cherish that special memory in an unique way.

Shop online at www.simon-webb.co.uk for these unique gifts

It's not just about the pens.

Click here to read more about the history of the cufflink and Simon's work on the Born Again Swindonian blog.
Artisan Simon Webb
Artisan Simon Webb
Artisan Simon Webb
Simon Webb Cufflink giveaway December 2020

“I’m so pleased to have won these Simon Webb cufflinks. His work is beautiful and knowing the story behind the wood of every item makes them extra special.”

Ali Stump, Cufflink competition winner. December 2020.
Simon Webb Christmas giveaway December 2020

Simon makes these classic and unique products from his workshop in Swindon.

Artisan Simon Webb workshop
Artisan Simon Webb
Artisan Simon Webb
Artisan Simon Webb We Are Swindon

Don’t just take our word for it. See what Simon’s very happy customers have to say…

Simon made this fountain pen and cufflinks for a customer who gave him this piece of rosewood.

Artisan Simon Webb
Artisan Simon Webb

Pen fun facts – how much do you know about these wonderful writing instruments?

The Ancient Egyptians made the first pens out of wood and bamboo. Ink was made from soot or ochre combined with beeswax.

The quill pen was the main pen used.

John Loud patented the first pen in 1888.

A fountain pen by 1702 designed by M. Bion from France.

Meet the maker – here’s the man himself.

The perfect retirement gift

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