Campaign Feedback

We receive lots of positive feedback weekly from our followers and supporters of our campaign.

“This is amazing – it’s great to see so many lovely photo’s of Swindon all in one place!”.


“The website looks brilliant. Well done! I love the way you encourage people to see the beauty in Swindon. Life is always better when you focus on the positives”.


“I had the opportunity to visit your beautiful town. It was great to meet friendly people that gave me good memories and a good time. Swindon always in my heart ❤️”. Fabiana from Patagonia Argentina


“What a brilliant achievement, so many seem to have a negative view about Swindon (even people who not been here) a great job being well done indeed”.


“The photos of places around Swindon that I’ve never visited, inspire me to get out walking and to enjoy all the beautiful sights Swindon has to offer”.

Lorraine Curtis

“Not being a native I enjoy seeing the local sites. Sometimes it reminds me of somewhere I haven’t visited in a while and areas just outside of Swindon too. That’s one of the positives of this town, being so accessible to so many wonderful places. and I appreciate you sharing my images too “.

Pearl Lucia Barcoe

“Love it that you show the Swindon that is there under all the negative and incorrect perceptions of it. The beauty of the town is what lays at the heart of it. A community and a history to be proud of. With so many beautiful parts that the world wouldn’t get to see without this campaign it’s incredibly refreshing”.

Molly Carnan

“I was born in here. I lived in this town for most of my first 39 years (apart from Uni) and it’s made me who I am. Swindon is XTC, it’s is Don Rogers, it’s IKB. Those who diss our town can duck right off”.

Richard Norton

“Great way to promote Swindon. Keep it up!”.

Helen Cooper

“Well done. We need more people championing this wonderful town of ours. Proud to be from Swindon”.


“Before I lived in Swindon but I now live in USA. I miss lovely Swindon”.


“Like everywhere else we have our good points and bad points but overall, It’s a great place to live. I’m very proud to be from Swindon. “.


“So glad we moved here! And nearly this time of year again, our local walk looked beautiful!”.

Aimee Cadle

“Following you from Cairns, Far North Queensland. The posts keep my homesickness at bay. Keep up the good work”.


“Keep up the great work…Its great to see people shouting about the positivity in #Swindon“.


“Living in Swindon all my life (too many years to mention), I love seeing such gorgeous photos of my home town. I really appreciate the efforts you go to”.

Emme Gunston

“It’s great to see photos of places that I know and also new places. I love getting out with my camera and always good to find new places I’ve never been to”.


“I enjoy seeing photos of places around Swindon – some of which are new to me even though I am Swindonian . Keep them coming “.


“Always good to see photos of the great places around Swindon “.


“‘I would not be the person I am if I came from anywhere else! Absolutely love my town!”.


We’re always happy to get more campaign feedback.

Surprisingly we received feedback from followers who are Swindon people now living elsewhere in the UK or abroad. Swindonians from Liverpool, Thailand, America, and Canada following our campaign, often leaving message of thanks on the posts.

Lockdown 2020 – 2021

During the Covid-19 lockdown period of early 2020, people who were isolating and missing being out and about in Swindon, send us lots of direct messages and commented on our social media posts.

The photos we were taking, publishing, and sharing from others who used the #We_Are_Swindon, gained massive attraction and engagement. We received direct messages of thanks and supporters commented on the posts about how happy they were to see the cherry blossom trees in our Town Gardens because they couldn’t get to them themselves.

As more of the older generation use online platforms to gain information and communicate, our social media accounts are becoming increasingly popular – everyone has the ability to enjoy everything our town has to offer, especially when they cannot travel there in person.